Things to Watch at 12 pm Tomorrow, Friday 1/20/17

Remember them?

With the saddest inaugural line up since, I am spit balling here, Chester A Arthur, you are probably saying to yourself, what else can I watch?

Well it’s the middle of the day on a Friday, so most likely you will be “watching” your work computer, but if you have a TV and are just chilling, don’t watch the Inauguration and don’t just keep the TV off, turn something else on. With your help we can get one of these random things to have higher ratings than a freaking historical moment:


1) Thomas and Friends, PBS 12:30-1: Yes, a kids show about trains can be more popular than an every 4 year media extravaganza.


2) Burn Notice, ION, seemingly a marathon: I think ION only shows mini marathons of either mid 2000’s Criminal Minds or Burn Notice and tomorrow it’s Burn Notice. Has anyone ever actually seen an episode of Burn Notice who wasn’t just looking on as it silently played in a hospital, it’s your day to find out!


3) Notas, Univision, 11-2: While Telemundo is being a jerk and showing the Inauguration live, seemingly just so tios all over America can whisper under their breath “no me digas, no me digas nada,” Univision is coming at you with just news. And at this point don’t the Latinos deserve a win.


4) The End of Rocky II and all of Inside Man, AMC, 10-3: HAVE YOU SEEN INSIDE MAN??? ITS GREAT.





5) Star Trek: Next Gen, BBC, 12-2: Think of it, a post racial society, on the forefront of peace and technology, we could have had that, if only we survived that far into the future.


6) South Park, Comedy Central, 12-2: You think Trey Parker is just jizzing all over about this? Cause I’d bet on that.


7) Mariah’s World, E!: 12-2: This is the kind of star studded train-wreck we all deserve.


8) Barefoot Contessa, Food Network, 12-1: The only White House I want to see is Jeffery coming home to Ina’s Napa Valley Villa.


9) Two and a Half Men, FX, 12-1: This show had way too high ratings when it was on, it might just beat out the inauguration anyway even if people watch it or not.


Shady as shit google, but we all can’t go back in time to 2014


10) Shawn Says “Accessorize!” QVC, 12-2: Think of all the hats for 2 easy payments you could buy!


11) Blue Crush, TMC, 12:30-2:15: This is a movie that people saw.


12) Will and Grace, WE, marathon: Hug your gay relatives while you still can.


13) Law and Order: SVU, USA, I think contractually it is always on somewhere: OLIVIA WOULD LOCK DONALD UP. PERFECT CHOICE, USA USA USA.

The Queen
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