Sissy That Talk! Our New RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap Series Ep 1, Pre-Party

It’s about to be my favorite time of the year, RuPaul Season. If you aren’t a Drag Race fan, you haven’t seen Drag Race. So I am proud to present the Tusk’s new weekly recap, Sissy that Talk. Every week I call a Drag Race Superfan on the fabulous SpareMin app, you can listen here:

This week, my friend from College, Andres and I talk the New York Premiere Party.

A little back story, I did not know there was a premiere party. Andres messaged me because he could buy discount tickets if we were in the first 100 people to buy tickets. That’s how on top of Drag Race news this boy is.
While Andres’ is a reddit scholar, while I was writing this, he sent this to me on Instagram. So he is on top of RuPaul on all channels. Making him the prefect preshow interview.

Me and my Tia Bianca #igualitas 😂😂😂

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Since there was technically no TV show for this post, I would like to share with you some photos of the queens, less of a recap, but more to get you excited as I am for this season. And hopefully excited to check in with the Tusk and SpareMin during this most wonderful time of the year!
Here’s the back of Andres’s head. He just had painful ankle surgery and still managed to come to this. What a super fan!

Now a moment for the most important queen of our time.

Yes, Ru himself. Though I do have to say he left before the end. Like girl, watch the art! I’m sorry I spoke up, you truly are my overlord as a fan girl.

There were many queens

like this one who may or may not get injured. Though she’s moving here!


My favorite routine of the night. I’m a sucker for back up dancers, also a dream of mine.


Andres, “This is so perfectly Latino”

There were some goofs too! Mainly they kept trying to preview the new Logo show “Fire Island.” Though we all know that now that Ru is on VH1… I like my men in dresses and not steeped in privilege.


And now a moment to cement my own creepiness.

the true queen.
But that is not all, here are 2 real Instagrams that cement how long I have been obsessed
What a queen?!
I was a fan of the old eyebrows

Yes! One of those is from April of 2016.





















Be sure to check out more Drag Race recaps on SpareMin and every week here on the Tusk Blog, starting March 24th.



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