Would You Rather? (Things to Think About For a Minute Besides Politics)

by Jeremiah Methuselah


– You can pick one mythological deity to exist. They now exist.
– The weather is what you want it to be for 100 miles around you.

Let’s try this though:
– You can 100% control yourself. Like a video game. You can sleep for 4 hours at will, do repetitive tasks ceaselessly & so on.
– On any given day you can choose an animal and perceive through its senses while your own body lies still.

Let’s get mean though:
– Every day you can pick anyone at all. One of their bones breaks painfully.
– Every year you can choose a building and a time. When that time comes the building is catastrophically destroyed.

So which one is better:
– You can’t ever have money, except that when you walk into a store of any sort your magic wallet automatically produces enough money for you to buy one thing from that store.
– Whenever you put on someone else’s hat you learn all of their skills and knowledge for as long as you wear the hat.

This might seem complicated:
– You have a dollhouse that can fit in a backpack. You can make it grow into a functioning full sized house and shrink back down too.
– When you go through a door you can choose to enter any other door you’ve gone through before but you can’t see what will be on the other side.

What’s better?
– You can swim through the ground like it’s water.
– You can command all types of birds.

So I wonder:
– There’s a duplicate of you that lives somewhere else in the world – you know each other’s thoughts & see through each other’s eyes Etc… You’re two people.
– You can recover from any injury or harm done to you instantly.

So would you prefer to:
– What if you could never sleep and didn’t need to?
– What if you didn’t have to eat and couldn’t?

How about this:
– You can see through steel, wood brick, the whole built world, as if it were glass.
– You can propel yourself at up to supersonic speeds but only on existing roads.

What do you choose:
– You can see and understand the ghosts of dinosaurs.
– You know all alien languages.



For a long time now there are mariners who know about a maze that used to be in the sea.  When the ocean rose & fell along with the seductions of the moon those were the breaths of the mariners trapped in that maze, when they found the center during a fateful eclipse, they were trapped in the guts of the bull-of-the-ocean’s maze.  That’s all you need to know about Jeremiah Methuselah – besides where he sells his books that can help you – yes, even you – to imagine extravagant nonsense.  Impress your enemies, alienate your friends, become trapped in a maze in the breathing sea!

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