The Chillest Documentary Short Online: Daniel Garcia’s Wizard Skull

When one thinks of the quintessential Brooklyn-based artist, one might conjure up a vision of the a staunch and tortured man, a slave to his paintings, or you might think of Wizard Skull.

Skateboarder, pop culture maven, and most importantly artist, Wizard Skull makes the kind of art that crosses the line between comedy and concept. And now, Daniel Garcia, brings us into the artist’s world of bright colors, loud lines, and an attitude all his own in his new documentary short, Wizard Skull.

(watch it here)

Wizard Skull from Yes Boss on Vimeo.

Through the documentary, the most wonderful part is the attitude of the artist himself. He is more than laid back, his personality shines. There is nothing pretentious or phoney in this portrait of the artist. The authenticity of Wizard Skull extends to Daniel Garcia, the director, himself.

I talked with Daniel Garcia and he oozes the type of authentic chill that makes this portrait of the artist so interesting. Garcia is the mastermind behind Yes Boss. While Yes Boss usually works with Brands to make narrative or interesting marketing, Garcia also prides himself on making sure to also produce things that he simply likes because the subject is interesting. As he joked, “at least one a quarter.” While his job usually entails, “hustling and doing stuff, always for some one else’s project,” these artistic ventures feel so important and genuine as Garcia describes it.

When talking about Yes Boss, Garcia describes it as more than a simple agency or studio. He paints a picture of animators, “storytellers” and “nerd-core Alt-comedians.” He jokes, he started it by accident after working on Adult Swim projects. Simply, Yes Boss “makes brands fun.”

If Wizard Skull oozes chill, Garcia spurts it. The piece feels organic, because it is. Garcia first encountered Wizard Skull 3 or 4 years ago. As Garcia explains it, he buys a lot of art and seen his around and “wondered who did this.”

When talking about the short, Garcia focuses on the funny stories around production. He laughed about getting locked out of Wizard Skulls studio and trying to break in with a ladder.

While Garcia usually gravitates to horror and comedies for his creative projects, the documentary feels like the most natural short to create.

In some ways, Garcia is a natural fit with Wizard Skull. Much like Wizard Skull confides that he “wasn’t really thinking of [himself] as an artist,” Garcia categorizes his own drive to originally start making these creative projects by saying “I’m not an artist but I have a constant need to make things.”

Just as Wizard Skull realized he was an artist, Garcia has taken his projects off his “hard drive” and stopped “siting on” putting out these creative projects. And thankfully he did and we are hoping for more shorts to come.

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