#SissythatTalk The Tribute of Michelle Visage

What a week for comedy queens like me and my roommate, Ben Lerner, listen to us on SpareMin as we roast their roast.

If you have already listened, you know I am obsessed with Michelle Visage. Why wouldn’t you be? She’s an icon, whether you have heard of her or not. What really made me mad about this week is that the Queens didn’t know enough about Ms. Visage and maybe none of us do. She is wonderful and honestly really inspiring. She is definitely not a no talent hack, she’s not a sloppy drunk, she’s not a slut… okay well, maybe that last one. Though she is married with kids so watch yourself.

This week’s article is dedicated to her and making you learn some herstory.

1) She was in two different pop bands.

Seduction and The S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M. both had top 100 pop hits with Seduction’s “Two to Make It Right” which made it to No. 2 on the pop charts and The S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M’s No. 1 dance single and No. 34 on the Billboard’s Hot 100, “It’s Gonna Be a Lovely Day.” Which also appeared on The Bodygaurd soundtrack.

2) Madonna Stole her look.

Michelle performed at the 1989 Love Ball. The iconic night had big stars in attendance including Madonna (also there, though not a star yet, RuPaul though they had not met yet). One of the main dance crazes to make it onto the stage that night was Voguing. While Voguing had started in the LGBTQ black community, Michelle was an early adopter and some have even stated that night she was performing with a high blond pony tale. 10 months after the ball, Madonna’s Vogue came out. As a weird aside, Visage is a huge Madonna fan and even won a Madonna look-a-like contest at age 16.

3) Michelle has been impersonated on Dragrace before.

And it was so much better.

4) She isn’t a drunk.

A lot of queens make fun of her for being a party girl, but girl has been sober for 25 years. She is fun enough that no one knows!

5) She’s delightful and can act?

She was on 80 episodes of the 100 episodes of VH1’s The Rupaul Show‘s 2 season run. She interviewed celebs, she performed in skits, she did it all. As a side note, this was an amazing show. They had me at interviewing Cher in the 1990s.

6) She has more talent than some of these queens will ever know.

She went to performing arts school, American Musical and Dramatic Academy. She can sing. She isn’t no talent. Stop trying to prove she is no talent. You are wrong, queens, you are all wrong.

7) She stays humble.

After Seduction failed, she started working as an announcer as at a strip club. She eventualy became a radio DJ. Then a TV host. A writer. A TV Judge. She has worked her whole life to achieve her dreams. Don’t come for Michelle.


Long live the true queen.

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