Photos of Trump Posing Next to Celebrities, Ranked.

Trump is the worst. He is the worst type of fame whore, the kind that will become President for his dumb brand. But as any fame whore, he loves taking photos with more famous people. While now he might be the most famous man on earth, he spent many years standing awkwardly next to bigger stars. Some of these photos are better than others, so we are ranking them.

15) Kanye 

This photo just makes me sad. As many of the more recent photos, Trump feels less like a silly clown and more like a John Wayne Gacy type clown. Also Kanye today makes me sad, making this the worst photo of our list.

14) The Gipper

Eh, lame republicans taking photos with other lame republicans. Barely news worthy.

13) Diddy

This photo just screams, “I’m cool and have black friends, plus hey my wife is hot.”

12) Oprah 

In her defense, I think she has met everyone.

11) Megan Mullally

I love her, but this photo is uncomfortable. It was obvious a scripted moment, and I think she might be trying to grab that pussy.

10) Simon Cowell 

I don’t care about Simon, but his face makes this photo.

9) Tyson

The weirder thing about all of this is that there are a lot of photos of these two.

Like maybe they really do hang.

8) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

I wonder if he knew about the Islam thing?

7) The first lady of Arkansas 

And to think all these years later he is still creeping behind her (if only we could have gotten matching Looney Toons shirts for Ivanka and Jill Stein)

No matter how this makes you feel, it will make you feel much better than these two rape-y presidents laughing it up as one seems to grab the other’s junk:

6) The Hero Gotham Didn’t Need: 

Wow, two American Psychos. Also note that they are standing in front of a wall of framed magazine covers which Trump is on. I assume Bale does not own this wall meaning they are at Trump’s home or office. But if you look closely, right behind Bale is a magazine, which I believe (through my internet sleuthing) is this:

I am fairly convinced that Trump is the only President to have appeared in Playboy as something other than a politician, but more importantly, he is definitely the only one to have that Playboy framed on his wall.

5) The Hulk

But that is not it, there is a better Hulk and Trump photo. How, you may ask?

ANDRE THE FREAKING GIANT. It should be said, that the first President in Playboy is also the first President in the WWE Hall of Fame. Maybe why he’s holding the belt like he pile drived to the top himself.

4) The King of Pop

The Sikh guy in the back is all of us.

3) Liberace

Takes a lot of balls to wear that much fur at what seems to be a save the polar bears event.

2) Tyler the Creator

Usually, I don’t love recent Trump photos, but this amazing. Sometimes the only way to stand up to tyranny is with your man titties.

1) Andy Warhol and a Horse

Wow, how is this not the official presidential portrait?

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