What I Think The Leftovers Might Be About Based On People Tweeting About The Finale


Is this what it’s about?

By Cassandra Kyriazis

I have never seen The Leftovers, but it seems like everybody else has. Here are some things I think the show might be about based on my Twitter feed.
1. How Jennifer Aniston, in something of a fourth quarter comeback, has actually won the divorce. This is evident from Justin Theroux’s abs and Brad’s divorce from Angelina making an appearance right around the same time.
2. Actually just Justin Theroux’s abs, with little narrative incidence.
3. The apocalypse, but like the saddest version of the apocalypse, with no zombies and a lot of people practicing their “what am I even gritting and bearing it all for?” faces.
4. A sequel to the show Lost, but everyone from that show had retired from acting, so they had to hire Justin Theroux and whoever else stars on The Leftovers. But purgatory is definitely involved.
5. Justin Theroux reciting Nietzsche for an hour straight every week.
6. Grown men learning the importance of crying.
7. Life itself, but also the moments in between, and also everything, and maybe nothing, but ultimately definitely something. Probably?
8. Mushroom risotto I cooked three years ago that I keep forgetting to eat. Ah well, there’s always lunch tomorrow!


who can say?


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