Of Course Mindy Kaling Deserves Her Privacy About Who Fathered Her Child, This Is Just a List of My Favorite Episodes of The Office

by Cassandra Kyriazis

The Office is, objectively, a great television show. Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak, writers/actors on The Office, are also, objectively, great celebrities who once dated and remain great friends. Mindy Kaling is now, objectively, pregnant. She, objectively, has not revealed who the father of her future child is.

Anyway, here are, objectively, my favorite episodes of The Office, unrelated to anything that may be happening personally to celebrities and real-life people Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak or my personal feelings about how Mindy Kaling should be handling the news of her pregnancy.

1. S2E16: Valentine’s Day
In this episode, some other stuff happens and then Ryan Howard, played by awesome celebrity BJ Novak, sleeps with Kelly Kapoor, played by fellow awesome celebrity Mindy Kaling, for the first time. This is a hilarious mistake because Ryan sleeps with Kelly on February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day! Lol! So hilarious!

Another funny thing would be if Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak slept together, recently, in real life, and he impregnated her with his sperm. Haha! The Office is such a great sitcom and the comedy of this episode really resonates with me!

2. S3E6: Diwali
The entire office is invited to a Diwali party, thrown by Kelly Kapoor, played by cool celebrity Mindy Kaling, and her whole family is there because Diwali is a Hindu holiday that her Hindu family celebrates. While there, Ryan Howard, played by fellow cool celebrity BJ Novak, meets Kelly’s entire family. It is cute!

What if, LOL, in real life, BJ Novak met Mindy’s extended family for the first time because they were about have a child together and then raise it and be together for the rest of their lives? That would so funny. But my point is that The Office was very incisive with its humorous cultural commentary and critiques.

3. S5E8: Business Trip
In this episode, there’s something happening where some people go on a business trip. Elsewhere, Kelly Kapoor, played by nifty celebrity Mindy Kaling, is still dating Darryl from the paper warehouse, but Ryan Howard, played by fellow nifty celebrity BJ Novak, is jealous of Darryl. He tries to get Kelly back by doing push ups in front of her and then covertly kissing her. Kelly finally succumbs to Ryan’s advances and dumps Darryl and they are reunited. It is funny because Ryan looks very disappointed to be back with Kelly at the end of the episode! Lol! He only wants what he can’t have!

A similar real-life irony would be if, originally, real-life objectively groovy celebrities Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak broke up because they wanted to focus on their careers and not have children but then one fateful night after their careers got really fruitful they got back together for a second and then Mindy became pregnant with BJ’s baby. That would be so funny! I would love to know if that happened, like, in terms of facts. Regardless, I love this episode of The Office because of how well they juxtapose the business trip shenanigans with the shenanigans happening in the office!

4. S4E3/4: Dunder Mifflin Infinity
In this episode, there is some drama and comedy happening within the office (the one from the title of the show). On top of that, Kelly Kapoor, played by fun real-life celebrity Mindy Kaling, lies to Ryan Howard, played by fellow fun real-life celebrity BJ Novak, and tells him she is pregnant. This is a funny moment on the show because they cut to Kelly shaking her head to indicate that she has lied right after she lies to Ryan. The art of the mockumentary!

But wouldn’t it be so crazy if, actually, in real life, fun celebrity Mindy Kaling had told fun celebrity BJ Novak that she was pregnant with his child and it was not a lie. How crazy would that be? Ha ha ha ha. Anyway, The Office was a brilliant sitcom that influenced every mainstream comedy after it.

Those are my favorite episodes of The Office, and DID BJ NOVAK IMPREGNATE MINDY KALING? I MUST KNOW!

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