A Poem Found in the Editorial Comments on Milo Yiannopoulos’s Manuscript

The Big D
A Poem Found in the Editorial Comments on Milo Yiannopoulos’s Manuscript
(carved out of Bridget Callahan’s eyeflesh)

Short and sinister
Without bombast
Expand on the idea of trolling as truth-telling,
Never considered.

Delete irrelevant      ethnic jokes.
Make us the story.
If you’re going to tell the Ghostbusters story here
You have to tell the whole story
Why the Left hates YOU
See pyramid reference on page 51
Gratuitous insult and teat reference      Move this section to the Ghostbusters section
Scab analogy      needs clarification
The name-calling
irrevocable even before the internet
MAJOR POINT: having sex with black people does not prove someone is racist.

Wrong word?
Makes it sound like you’re okay with that
If the memesters sent the Harambe pictures, they were not “harmless.”
Pepe warrants a fuller explanation
Explain for the non-initiated.
To be read ONLY by Breitbart fans
Prince Hal and Falstaff
YOU MUST  (not)    resort to jokes about her looks
Feminist Hacker Barbie
Don’t start chapter
Um…like your MILO SWAG?
No need to drag the lesbians into this

DON’T use lesbian as a slur!
Use another name
Use another name
Avoid references to publishing

If that headline is hate speech,
THIS WHOLE BOOK is hate speech.

Of Americans, including men? Or American women?
Jezebel Buzzfeed
This cannot be blamed on feminists
Cite them
Marie Curie Stephanie Kwolek Hedy Lamarr
“Two-faced backstabbing bitches”
Rape victims are routinely challenged
Not the place for more of your narcissism
Drive-by incitement
Stick with virgins
“Perverts” is unnecessary.
Patronizing birth certificate
Not worth explaining why the Kardashians are anti-black
Are these editorials or op-eds?
We will not traffic in rumors
The accuracy of the account will be questioned
Let’s leave “cuck” out of it
Just throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks

End here.
Leave the lesbians out of it.
The Gamers and frat boys
Paris Hilton, Camille Paglia
The gay employees of Citicorps
Religious organizations
12-step groups
Do you mean that semen is being mopped up?
Descendants don’t inherit genius.
What did Shakespeare’s descendants ever amount to?
No couple — gay or straight– has EVER wanted to serve pizza at their wedding
(author’s note: that is not true)

A few thousand sounds like a lot, actually
The internet being a strange, magical place
Governorships, the House, the Senate
State houses           Conservatives AREN’T losing
Even before Donald Trump
Sleeping with ONE Muslim does not work here either
The massacre was 2015
This is not the time or place for another black-dick joke.
Rumi, Rushdie, Naguib Mahfouz
(Beauty regime moved
After Nietzche section)
You cannot say this is true
Not true
Not true
Don’t make fun of school shooters
You can’t say ugly people are drawn to the left
Ever seen the people at a Trump rally?
You lost them ages and ages ago
Introduce Neitzche here
Aspirational glamour
Intellectual muster
A stupid way to end a terrible chapter.

This feels like a Patrick Bateman joke.
This is a lazy way to begin a manifesto

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