Six Unbelievable Instances of the Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect is a phenomenon in which groups of people, without concrete explanation, have the same inaccurate memories of things like historical moments or pop culture ephemera. The name comes from one example: people thinking Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 1980s, rather than becoming President of South Africa and passing away in 2013. Here are some more mind-boggling examples that will make you question reality itself:

  1. It was always called “The Flintstones,” NOT “The Rocktimers”

It’s easy to get this one wrong– most people will refer to “Fred and Barney Rocktimer,” or “Rocktimer Vitamins.” But in reality, the prehistoric cartoon family has always been called “The Flintstones.” Weird, huh?

2. It’s “Chipotle.”

Dads everywhere know the fast-casual burrito place that exploded in popularity over a decade ago as “Chipolty.” But if you look closely, you’ll notice that the sign, as well as all of the company’s cups, to-go bags, and any other merchandise, reads, “Chipotle.”

3. People’s memories of the ‘90s vary greatly

Everyone knows that only ‘90s kids remember Yikes Pencils and Dunkaroos. Stranger still, the general public seems to have completely lost all memory of some of the really important events of that era. For instance, whenever I bring up how our family’s VCR failing to record the Hanson episode of All That caused me to lose my faith in God, my sister always kind of just laughs and changes the subject, as if I wasn’t being serious!

4. Songs: exciting?

A number of women on social media recently reported that there was a time when men were kind, and their voices were soft, and their words were inviting, when in fact no such time ever took place!

5. Your old neighborhood: totally different!

A recent thread on Reddit saw a substantial sampling of users swearing up and down that their old neighborhood may not have been ritzy, but it sure did have some characters. Like little old Miss Gina, who made the best pizza pie in the world. And then there was Tommy No Hands: “‘Ey, just because I don’t got no hands, don’t mean I don’t got no heart!”

In fact, Tommy No Hands was absolutely heartless: during his reign over the neighborhood as capo in the brutal Crimson Rats gang, he ordered over 100 hits on rival gang members.

6. You might even have “The Mandela Effect” about your current neighborhood!

Some people think that if you leave this garden party and make it your goal to swim through every backyard pool in the neighborhood all the way back to your place, even sauntering through your former adulterous lover’s house and cavalierly fixing yourself a Tom Collins as she clearly expresses concern for your well-being, and then you get to the golf course and the sky starts to grow dark with storm clouds, you won’t end up in a dilapidated vestige of your family’s memory, all alone! Pretty wild if you think about it!

7. Lots of people remember life as being full of childlike wonder and safety.

In fact, life is an endless thread of disappointment and injustice. How did we all get that one mixed up?

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